Reproducible Reports: Server performance reporting with brew and R

One of the hardest task, sometimes, is combing through millions of lines of server logs to find out just how your server is performing. I have always hated it, so I decided to do a one off repreducible reporting template so I do not have to go through access logs again. I just completed the skeleton template. Now all I have to do is drag access.log file and hit run, and I get a complete report with what I need to know about my server performance at any time.

Basically, it give you a run down of your access statistics; How many queries are hitting your servers at a particular time of day, how many different IP’s, what is the average access time (how bad is your latency), Which scripts are causing you the latencies. These, and other metrics you might find useful; as I did, can be found on my github repo . ( The code is very poorly commented, as I wanted use generate some piled up reports.)

IF you are like me, then feel free to use and extend. If you are on windows then you will have to download and install MIKTEX to be able to print the PDF reports.

Fill your boots!

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