I know how it feels to captain a doomed ship

I know how it feels
When you cannot  feel the rudder bite under you
When the rudder chains flail while you are at the helm
When the wheel looses its scaffolding in a dark stormy sea.

I know the helplessness of command in tossing ship
the nauseating ruckus in your stomach pit
When the seams on deck are slowly opening up
And the seas roar right under your feet

I know the terror that dissolves bones
The gnawing fear that rattles even sturdy knees
When your command,having taken in too much water
lists dangerously on the edge of doom
Miles from succor, leagues from land

I know the loneliness of an abandoned ship
The menacing grows of deck beams ripping apart
When you alone stand at the bridge
Long after cargo holds have been emptied
And the alleys and cabins are desolately soul-less.
When metals and timber scream and groan
Creaking and bending, submitting to the spell of the dark seas.

I know how it feels
To run, hat in hand, into the howling sea
With only dear life in tow, tossed by wind and sea
I know the pain of the gripping cold water
Darkness and uncertainty
When feet behind you, waters swallow your command

I know how it feels to captain a doomed ship

AD 2013

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