An average of 60 land title documents are reported lost every week ~ Data from Kenya Gazette

A few days ago, there was an article from Nation on how con people were collaborating with land registry workers to steal land from unsuspecting land owners. According to the article, the con people, with prior knowledge of the land history, would obtain police abstract indicating loss of land title documents, and eventually get a publication of the title as lost in the Kenya Gazette. The con people count on the victims not being able to access the government newspaper. After, 60 days, the con people can get new titles for the victim’s land. The whole process starts with the publication of loss of documents in the Kenya Gazette.

The Data: Kenya Gazette


Kenya gazette has been publishing online for sometime now. Some of the larger editions are in pdf format while some are rendered as webpages. I scrapped the web pages and extracted details about land transactions. The data comprised of 16000 gazette notices spanning from 2011 to 2016. however, the data from 2014 seem most complete. There were 6500 different reported land documents lost reported in 2700 different gazette notices. Summary of reported loss of titles.

I because of the earlier mentioned gap in the the data available, I only used gazette notices from 25-04-2014 to 13-05-2016. For this date range I have 88.6% of all the gazette notices. The table below summarizes the number of recorded losses over the period analysed.


What the data says

On average, 60 land title documents are reported as lost every week. This has been the trend over the past two years as seen in the chart below.


Some of the counties with highest number of reported loss of documents are shown in the chart below.tocounties

What does it all mean?

What this statistics seem to suggest is that people in these high report areas need to be reading the gazette. You can also download the data and see if your land title is on the list of the

The giff below summarizes reports recorded per county over the period of analysis.land_docs



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