Afro-Fusion is the hottest music category online in Kenya

For about a month and a half, between January and March  tracked some ~5800 youtube videos online to know what music Kenyans like, how they consume it, and when they consume them. This is part of the result of what I found out. Due to methodology design oversight the first time, I am re-running the experiment and full results should be due in 2-3 months.

Afro-Fusion now


On average there were more views on Afro-fusion videos than most other genres over the period of analysis.

A case for Gospel Music?

The trend of views on gospel music suggests that both current and old videos seem to enjoy almost similar popularity. This contrasts from Afro-fusion, for example, that seem oscillate with some older videos being popular while some newer videos not enjoying similar popularity.


Kapuka vs Genge

According to wikipedia, Genge is an offshoot of Kapuka . Seems logical that their popularity should have a similar trajectory ( and beats, that K-south seem to decry in their kapuka this, kapuka that video. This chart seams to confirms this.




The data and categories for the videos for this analysis were from

The data was scrapped off youtube every 8 hours for 1 and a half moths starting from 18th January to 1st March.

Only original/official videos were considered and not variants/versions

Code is on github






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